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David Rose is an author and speaker that encourages people of all walks of life to press forward to pursue their dreams. His inspiring story has uplifted people of all different backgrounds, setting an example that one’s greatest hurts can lead to their biggest ministry.

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Nothing is Wasted

by David Allen Rose

In David’s memoir, he shares about his experiences of abuse and bullying—and how a terrible accident led to years of medical trials and altered the trajectory of his life forever. While he had every reason to become bitter & hate the world, he chose to rise above and turn his past into something positive.

Perhaps you have walked through a season of sexual abuse, been a victim of bullying and are feeling shame, defeat, or discouragement. Maybe you have spent a life filling your time with distractions so you don’t have to deal with the pain. If you are walking through a season of health challenges and you’re exhausted, this book is for you. You’ll be encouraged and empowered as you realize that God never wastes a season!

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